• Morgan Hancock, LMFT

    Hey, I’m Morgan. I’m a therapist in San Jose and Bay Area native. About 7 years ago I fell in love with the field of psychology and was fascinated by how changing one’s internal thoughts could have you show up in the world in a completely new way. I left my career in Business to become a therapist, and I absolutely love what I do: supporting women who are wanting to have better relationships, build their confidence, and just figure themselves out. I tend to work with women with too much anxiety. It’s difficult for them to function in their day-to-day lives because of rumination about their relationships, fear of difficult conversations, and falling short of the expectations they put on themselves.

    My training was influenced by my supervisors and fellow therapists with a psychoanalytic, EFT, and attachment-based approach. I also received training from a faith-based Christian school for clients who wish to address issues around Christianity. I’m an Intuitive Eating Counselor for client with issues around eating and body image. My life experiences have led me to be helpful with clients who are trying to handle stress from death of a family member, alcoholic family members, and being around domestic violence, Narcissism, and athletic pressure. I have experience working at an elementary and high school with students for a year. After that, I worked in private practice for 3 years. I received my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary in 2018 and have a BS in Business Marketing from SJSU.

    My office is located right next to Bascom and 85 in San Jose and I hope it is an inviting place for you.