• Counseling for Athletes

    Counseling for Athletes

    The final whistle blew. There’s a knot in your stomach. This was your life: the practices, the traveling, the double-days, the team dinners. All of that hard work leading up to this point, and now it’s over. You used to say that you were an athlete, but how do you describe yourself now? Your life used to be scheduled around practices, but now your coach isn’t keeping tabs on you. You used to see your teammates every day, but now they have their own lives too. You knew your life would change, but didn’t know what to expect. You want to go back, but life is moving you forward.

    Post-athletic life can bring up stress, sadness, and a loss of identity. While your athletic career was meaningful, there can be purpose in what you decide to do afterwards. I help my clients make the transition into post-athletics.

    We will work on:

    -reforming your new identity after athletics

    -transitioning into making a new schedule for how you spend your time now

    -help you to bring parts of athleticism into your post-athletic phase of life