• Los Gatos Anxiety Therapy

    I absolutely LOVE this city. I grew up here- yes, in this same zip code. One thing I know is that people here are tired. And stressed. So much hurry and competition. A lot has changed over the years. Silicon Valley happened. A place that used to be filled with orchards- Apple literally got it’s name by being by an apple orchard. Now it’s a place known for tech companies (which is great) but many lonely people. Since the area is so transient and expensive, most people will make friends just to say goodbye to them two years later. Not only do we have amazing competitive companies right around the corner, we also have some of the most competitive schools in academics and athletics. There’s a lot of busyness, but it lacks HEART. Although Los Gatos has some of the cutest shops in downtown and beautiful parks like Vasona, people have very little time to enjoy it. That’s what we want, right? To enjoy life a little.

    My hope is that I can provide a reset for you. You want to get off the merry-go-round of competition and hurry. Slow down a bit. But there’s a cost to it. How do we manage the tension of wanting to excel vs. slowing down and enjoying life? While everyone is unique, I can walk with you to untangle some of these underlying feelings that brought you here. There’s too much anxiety to manage and something needs to change.