• Relationships, Dating, & Singleness

    Relationships, Dating, & Singleness

    Relationships are all about dynamics. We can explore some of the unhealthy dynamics in your past or current relationships so that you can feel connected, secure, and loved. If you are Single, we can discuss ways to overcome Singlism and negative thoughts about Singleness.

    You can learn so much about yourself in the context of relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but also friendships, family relationships, and dating. By now you have been in enough relationships to discover there may be some dysfunctional relational patterns, or at the very least you want to know what patterns to avoid. You may have a lot of dating experience, or you may have little. I work with my clients to unfold what is holding them back from feeling loved, connected, and secure. Know that I am here to support you with your relationships whether you are currently married, dating, or single. I won’t push you towards marriage, nor will I tell you to break up with someone. But I’m all about you getting the love you need.Some areas I work on with clients include:

    • Codependency
    • Verbal abuse
    • One-sided relationships
    • Relationship avoidance
    • Anxious attachment style

    Dating Therapy

    So you have come to the decision to pursue dating. Maybe you started hopping on dating apps or told your friends to let you know if they know anyone. This can be a good time to start therapy because dating is also a process of learning about yourself. As you have reactions to your dates and make decisions, I can support you to process your thoughts and emotions that come up. Sometimes the people that you like have a correlation with your attachment style and your childhood.

    Singleness Therapy

    Singleness Therapy Your thoughts about singleness fluctuate between begrudgingly accepting being single to loving being single. Maybe you feel pressure to get married, or go on dates because your friends are getting hitched. Wherever you are at in your process, I’m here to support your journey to figuring out what lifestyle is best for you. Issues I address are:

    • Singlism and Matrimania
    • Singleness in the Church & Theology
    • Relational Connections
    • Single Lifestyle that meets your needs