• Online Therapy

    Online Therapy

    Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and safety regulations from Santa Clara County, I’m providing all my sessions virtually until it is safe to provide in-person sessions.

    How it works:

    You will have a weekly set time (50 mins) for therapy. I will provide you a link through doxy.me that you can access to hop onto your session, and I will meet with you online through Doxy’s confidential portal. You can use the portal from the comfort of your home or any confidential space. Online therapy is a lot like in-person therapy in that you can talk about whatever issues or goals you are working on that week.

    Online Therapy vs. In-Person Therapy

    When it is safe to do so, I will provide in-person therapy to my clients who prefer in-person therapy. However, if you find that you enjoy online therapy more, we can continue meeting online. Some people prefer online therapy because they feel more comfortable in their home and it cuts back on their commute time.

    Benefits of in-person therapy are being out of your home space: the therapy office is just for you and your development. Also, I find that clients feel more of a real human connection.